Earn While You Learn

We want the word Ortho-Bionomy to become a household word, and we believe if we work together we can make that happen!  Currently we are offering two options which can ease the financial cost of taking classes--referral credit and becoming a class coordinator in your community. 

“We must learn to fly within ourselves, and launch ourselves into spaces where we see no landing place. This is the only real courage.”
— D.O. Arthur Lincoln Pauls

Referral Special

Referrals of friends and family to Ortho-Bionomy classes help us spread the word about this incredible work.  When you refer a friend to take their first two day class, both you and your friend will receive a $49 credit to be applied towards a future class.  Each student can only be new once, but the world is full of people just waiting to learn about this work.  Got six or seven friends you want to bring to class?  Well, you just earned a free two day workshop! 

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Become a Coordinator

Do you have the right skills to coordinate classes in your community?  If so, you could earn free classes and additional income!

Briefly, an Ortho-Bionomy coordinator does all of the tasks involved in the workshops except for the actual teaching.  Some elements may include connecting with people on social media, assisting students in finding appropriate housing and transportation, and finding a location for the class. 

It is a significant amount of work to create a community of Ortho-Bionomy students in your area, but the numbers grow with each class as people begin to experience the transformative power of Ortho-Bionomy and the high caliber of teaching from Jessica!

If you are interested in coordinating a class in your area for Jessica to teach, fill out the form below and let's see what magic we can create.