It has moved me forward in a way no other bodywork has been able to do.
— Carrie K
With my mom’s neurological condition (related to Parkinson’s), she’s had a lot of difficulty sleeping for the past 2 months. Nothing medicine-wise has helped her at all. After her first session with Jessica, she was able to sleep deeply for 3 hours that afternoon, ... and after the second session she is starting to sleep more normally at night. I am very grateful, and we will be continuing!! Highly recommend trying Orthobionomy for sleep or other issues caused by neurological conditions. Jessica is an amazing practitioner!
— Kristen E.
Its so amazing to feel pain relief in such a relaxing and passive way.
— Paige P. D.O.M
My ankle was hurting so badly, I would anticipate any kind of steps or stairs. It took two sessions of Ortho-Bionomy and I noticed that I had no pain! I don’t know how to explain it. It just works.
— Sharon L
Ortho-Bionomy gives your body a sense of internal connection. Once that spark of connection is found, you are more readily able to fully integrate yourself in your own health and well being journey.
— Rachel S. P.T
Ortho-Bionomy has helped my body release in a gentle, but life changing way. I can take deep full breaths and I feel more space and ease in my chest and abdomen. I feel like I am in a different body!

— Haley P.
Jessica worked on my infant daughter whose position in the womb caused her muscles to be contracted on one side of her neck, making it very difficult to nurse. After four sessions with Jessica, she was able to latch and we haven’t had problems nursing since.
— Gina C.
Simple but very powerful technique that anyone who has a body can learn!
— Beth M
Jessica is one of the best instructors I’ve had. She’s totally knowledgeable while being approachable and available to clarify and help. (Pro-level without going over my head!)
— Rebecca C, LMBT
Studying Ortho-Bionomy with Jessica from Happy Body has changed the way I look at the world.
It’s opened up a space in my heart and mind for what is and what will be. As a yoga instructor, I am constantly working to be and assist people to be in the present moment. I never truly understood that until my work with Ortho-Bionomy.
— Alex M, Yoga Instructor
I had 10 years of chronic daily headaches and muscle spasms. After Jessica worked with me, it went away and has never come back and it has been 10 years.
— Gina C.
Calling all humans!! Say YES to yourself and come explore what is possible with Ortho-Bionomy! Jessica is a truly phenomenal teacher who shares the gift of this Ortho-Bionomy pathway in a wonderfully fun and exploratory way. Whether you have a bodywork practice or simply want to learn how to be in harmony with your body, mind, and spirit, this opportunity is absolutely not to be missed. I have not felt this inspired during and after CEU classes.
— Christa H, LMBT
I recommend Jessica Mark’s Ortho-Bionomy courses to anyone who wants to move their bodies, emotions, and spirits towards the wonder of health and vitality.
— Dr. Christine K
“Jessica Mark brings a very highly tuned pair of hands to her task, but she also approaches each session as a fresh experience, which allows the client to learn something really new each time. I consider her work among the finest available in the Asheville area. It is a real treasure.”
— Erik B.
“Ortho-Bionomy has opened a door to awareness of what my body has to teach me and wisdom about how to live an eyes-open, grateful and deep life. It connects me to the larger life around me and awakens me to the beauty inside me and all around me.”
— Kim C.
Jessica’s clarity and grace and depth of knowledge are huge assets. The fact that she leaves room for dialogue and curiosity takes those strengths to another level.
— Sarah S.
Having studied numerous bodywork modalities, I would highly encourage anyone who has any interest in knowing what Ortho-Bionomy is about or is the least bit curious to take a class from Jessica, if only to deepen your own knowledge and open deeper conversations into the modality you are already practicing or receiving. Such fabulous, deep, unwinding possibilities that this world offers to any body.
— Melissa C.
I can easily say that therapy sessions with Jessica changed my life. After experiencing chronic, debilitating lower back pain for about 8 years, I went in for an Ortho-Bionomy session with Jessica. I always felt that the pain could go away, as I would see short glimpses of relief with other therapies. After my first session, I physically “remembered” what it was like to be completely pain-free. My body felt fluid and moveable in ways I forgot it even could be. Jessica’s ortho-bionomy helped me to remember what was possible for my body — where my “reset” was — which was absolutely a soul-brightening, strengthening, and inspiring experience.
— Elisabeth P.